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November 21, 2007


It was a very interesting evening - but though I am clearly (in)famous for questioning Facebook Ads and T&C, my real question was earlier re "where's the money - now and in future"

As you said Drew, the industry is disintermediating - but it will re-intermediate along the new value propositions.

The trick is finding out what they are early....

There was a fair amount of pessimism in the room on Tuesday night, which surprised me.

The boundaries are definitely blurring between the different communications disciplines, but our innate ability as PR people to tell stories puts us in the perfect position to take advantage of the digital opportunity.

For many clients it's a frightening opportunity to grasp, but by identifying the communities and niches that matter to a client we can develop programmes that will make a measurable, perceptible difference.

Hi Drew - Ben Maynard was filling me in on this event. It sounds like an interesting session. BTW, you have his name down as Tim in your post.

Stephen: Totally agree with your points. And you've been in the non-tech PR field like I have so you know what their approach to social media can look like.

Ian: No need for guns - just tequila!

Ben: Yes you're right. Often a marketing and a PR stakeholder will be pulling in different directions. Maybe this is one of those disciplines (as in social media) that will unite them? Over tequila of course!

Alan: That's much too long a word for me to have used :-) Will has to take credit for the discussions around disintermediation. I just chipped in now and then to give the reality check!

David Brain: I think we need to build the right teams, right skills and move quickly to get these results.

David R: Changed it over. Meant Ben but think I was subconsciously trying to make everyone in that paragraph a Tim! :-)

Drew, you're right about the wrong elephant. I totally agree. Here's my belated post where I attempt to structure and back up my overall 'argument' - http://blog.willmcinnes.co.uk/blog/2007/11/world-has-chang.html

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