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November 06, 2007


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Thank you, Drew. Neville Hobson raised the interesting point in the comments that, in actual fact, you *can* buy a Heineken in SL, just not an "official" one. He suggests that Heineken failing to control the appearance of their brand through their absence is putting them more at risk than the factors raised in the presentation.

On the basis that some wags are selling 'unofficial' Heineken cans in SL, surely there must be some legal standpoint for blocking it.

What I'm really interested in is whether Heineken's anti-involvement stance catalysed the creation of 'unofficial' cans or whether it was simply a coincidence.

I guess in either case it demonstrates the danger of not monitoring channels of communication.

Cheers both. Something I think the brand police are quite leniant about from my experiences on SL. Those that know, that is. So many will be oblivious.

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