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September 10, 2007


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Thanks for the mention, but I had another crack at this: http://thefriendlyghost.wordpress.com/2007/09/11/the-friendly-ghost-social-media-resource-part-ii/

Let me know what you think.


After X years of pimping social media, do we really need more PR pimping of social media? Don't think so. I'd be much happier if PR got the basics right first.

Is this 'pimping'? Or is it just a way of giving people food for thought if they want to *complement* their PR efforts with social media? And how many years is 'X'? Did Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube even exist 'X' years ago?

And what do you mean by getting the basics right?

So many questions!

I can't see that any industry has more need to take note of social media than PR right now. In many ways, it *is* PR.

It's true, we might all just get the hang of social media in the same way we got the hang of websites, email, and point-and-click.

But in a few years' time it could be that social media is 'the basics', and we'll be grappling with web 9.0.

I don't see that as 'pimping'. It's just a practical approach to dealing with new ways of communicating.

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