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July 11, 2007


Hey! cool.... Great site i have seen your site it's great,the information that i really enjoyed very much while seeing your site.the information which is in your site it will be use full to all the Book lovers .Recently i have visited one book review website may be it will use full to you and your visitors.

Hi, Drew: Thanks for your nice words and for continuing to show interest in the book. A link to this review is now on the book website.

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I agree that this book is a must read for PR professionals. As the CEO of a high tech PR firm in the Silicon Valley, this was required reading for all of my staff. Social media is the next evolution in communications and we have to understand and be able to work with it in order to provide our clients with a complete communications program.

Thanks Drew, I bought this book on your recommendation and am finding it a very decent read so far. Lots of sound, no-nonsense advice that marketers should definitely pay attention to.

It also reinforces the fact that the blogosphere is a valid and important medium, despite all the people who are trying to say that blogging is 'over'. Blogging isn't in the least bit over - it's just grown up a bit and settled into its role as a part of the general media fabric, which, if anything, means that marketers should take it more seriously now than before.

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