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April 26, 2007


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Either avec Monsieur or con senor.

I knew Sam, I'm half spanish :-)

Feels like sixth form again 'ere!

See you soon mate I hope.

I just checked Micro Persuasion to see if Senor Rubel was similarly flattered to be mentioned in the same sentence as you, but he clearly hasn't picked himself up off the floor yet :-)

I'm with Clay Shirky on the sceptical side of the fence re. Second Life (based on the fact that I don't know anyone who uses it, apart from this one guy who tried it, and he gave up), but I'm with you on Twitter. Anywhere there's conversation there are PR opportunities - the skill is in knowing how to make the best use of that particular platform.

He's still gobsmacked and speechless I think Fiona :-)

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