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March 09, 2007


Cheers for the insight Drew. I've dabbled with many different RSS aggregators and like you not a fan of the Google offering - just too basic and clunky.

I'm a Newsgator user, and have it tied into my corporate email account - use it like a second inbox and tend to dip in at the beginning, middle and end of day. I am currently trying the less is more or one-in-one out approach limiting my feeds to 50 (seemed like a good number). Pretty basic but does work for me (well seems to at the moment).

I must be an RSS geek because I find that really interesting. I'm constantly refining my systems of reading and trying to cull feeds to keep them to a maangeable number.

I couldn't do my job without RSS. Back in the day we used to employ legions of assistants to scan the news for us. Those days are gone. Thanks for sharing your feed organisation. Me? I scan mine (about 350) first thing in the morning and then again in the evening. I rarely dip in during the day. I save juicy stories for the weekend when I have more time.

I'd be interested in getting your feedback on feedmashr.com which takes another approach to the rss feed mix application. It mashes the daily popular rss feeds from the popular social bookmarking sites, and others, but also lets you toggle back in time to see hot links that you may have missed.

300 feeds? Drew you RSS ninja!

Google Reader does the trick for me and my 100+ feeds but I do share some of your UI frustrations.

I used to use Newsgator a couple of years ago and Bloglines so I'll re-try them both based on yours/Justin's recommendations and see whether they work for me.

Good tips, especially regarding brand/keyword monitoring...very simple to set up and extremely useful to have in one place. I'm always suprised when I come chat to PRs who don't do this as standard issue for their clients.

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