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February 27, 2007


Wow Drew -- thanks for the Joost review. I'm dying to try it out. I'm really interested in how services like Joos might transplant traditional TV. It feels like we're in a time of serious upheaval in the media industry. (To say the least!)

I've been doing some reading, and learning about how these services "ride on top" of cable. I'm hoping Net Neutrality protects these new cable-competitors.

- Alyssa

Yep - the closed invite system is driving up the hype. If anyone reading this wants to invite me then that would be just great. Really great. I think I applied direct. It must have been something I said . . . thanks for popping by my blog Drew BTW.

Alyssa - totally agree media is shifting massively. This is the start of the long tail of broadcast media I think

Jonathan - i applied twice and still got nothing. was rescued by a journo who didnt need his beta invite and gave it away!

Glad you're enjoying it Drew. Not that I didn't 'need' the invite, just probably would have played with it for an hour and forgotten about it. I realise a lot of other folk, like yourself, are far more interested in Joost et al than I :)

Hey, if anyone has an extra Joost invite that they could send my way, that'd be awesome.



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