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January 10, 2007


Am I missing the point of this? BBC's always offered its news to mobiles and PDAs. What's the difference?

I'm reading loads of stuff about Twitter and two people have purposely emailed me about it.

I just don't get it...

This isn't just news to mobiles and PDAs. I posted a bit more detail on my blog earlier this week, but I see Twitter as being to SMS or IM what what MySpace, Bebo and Facebook were to the web... It's like blogging was in 2002 or MySpace before everyone was on it. Nobody who wasn't doing it could see the point. Then when people started doing it, they got it.

Personally I'm not using it for SMS. I'm using I'm through my GoogleTalk app on my mobile so I'm always online in this social network. My network can get me in real time and I'm tracking conversations from people I'm interested in - like guys at CES in Vegas or at Macworld. Then I track my buddies' conversations via RSS for browsing later too. I've also got a 'badge' of my most recent update on my blog. And lastly, once you've got it rigged up right, you'll see this is far simpler than blogging. I think the techies call this Presence.

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