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December 22, 2006


I've lived in Barrow for 36yrs and it used to be so lovely and people were pleasant but now its gone right down, people are ignorant, selfish,mean and just totally awful. My husband and I want to escape this place altogether as far as U.S.A as soon as possible. I suffer from depression and its because of this s**thole...I agree with Steve

All i have to say is it isn't everyone's fault Barrow is how it is. You do get a few decent people in Barrow, unfortunately they're let down by the parents that don't give a S#*t about their kids, these are the people who allow their kids to do whatever they please.
These kids end up being the worst kids ever that people tend to call Chavs, they seem to do violent dangerous damaging things and don't seem to have a conscience.
Goths are fine because they don't give cheek and swear at everyone. So if you must complain about anything to do with Barrow blame the ignorant Parents that need to smack there kids round the head when they misbehave.

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