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September 18, 2006


Whilst I have never been a fan of The Sun it must be said that its online section has always been fantastic. It can be (rightfully) argued that The Guardian is the more innovative and intelligent, but The Sun’s mass market appeal cannot be underestimated when considering its effect on online news and the way the general public consumes it. ‘Experts’ continuingly comment on the death of old media (not to mention PR, advertising, family, society in general, etc) but The Sun’s site shows how both traditional print and online news can co-exist and even complement each other, not just appealing to informed readers who are well aware of the intricate nuances of the internet (i.e. Guardian readers), but also to those that may not usually look on the internet for their information. It may be true that the BBC’s online and offline news has successfully done this for years, but the Sun shows that it is also viable from a business perspective. Also, no other news site has Deidre’s Video Casebook – I do hope the acting is ironic.

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