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September 18, 2006


Hmmm. Truly awful. Was it published in Media Guardian or the main section?

There's nothing like that in my MG north of Watford except another great column by Jeff Jarvis.

I am particualrly concerned by the last para of the 'story':

"For details of one-day training courses on online PR run by immediate future PR, contact Vivien Underwood on xxx-xxxx xxxx or training@xxxxxxxxx.com"

Advertorial in the Guardian? Shurely shome mistake?

Simon - it's in Media Guardian. It's a two-page pull-out the same size as the rest of the paper. the pull-out is called 'Inside Marketing & PR'. You're right though - it does look like advertorial.

The article wasn't the greatest but it could act as a tool to educate those clients that still haven't woken up to the web...and there are still quite a few of them out there.

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