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July 15, 2006


Good list, Drew - from my own own reading list I would add Samizdata and Harry's Place as recommendations.

In a similar vein to Guido and Iain there is also RecessMonkey. You should also include Conservative Home and the more recently launched Labour Home.

Other good ones include Paul Linford, Idiots for Labour, Bloggers4Labour, Labour Watch, PoliticalHackUK, Skipper, Foruthterm and Yellow Peril.

Some of the best individual political blogs include Richard Allen (Head of Public Affairs for Cisco and ex-Lib Dem MP), Elle Seymour (an ex-Tory press officer), Luke's Blog (public affairs consultant and councillor), Tom Watson MP, Boris Johnson MP and Lord of the Blogs -Clive Soley.

And in a blatant piece of self-promotion Stuart's Soapbox, my political blog which I originally started as a councillor in early 2003 - the first UK councillor blog and second politician (Tom Watson MP was first).

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