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July 07, 2006


I agree it is well worth a read, although anyone just reading the article needs to be aware that Iain Dale is a master spinner, who is a former Conservative candidate and chief of staff to Tory leadership contender David Davies.

Iain's own blog makes this clear, unfortunately the Comment is free blog does not and you could read it that Iain is simply a prominent political blogger rather than a Tory blogger deliberately setting out to cause trouble.

Not very open, transparent or honest.

DISCLAIMER: I am former Labour councillor and have worked full-time for the Labour Party which has also been a client. My political blog is at www.stuartssoapbox.com

Stuart, that's rubbish. My page on Comment is Free says all the things you accuse me of hiding! You might like to apologise.

Iain, if you read what I actually wrote it is The Guardian I am criticising. Your blog is very clear about saying who you are - you don't need to hunt for it or click on anything.

Comment is free isn't clear about showing who the authors are. It is probably obvious to everyone who reads this blog - but isn't to some/many of the people who read Comment is free.

For work I've recently been doing small focus groups looking at how people use blogs etc and Comment is free is one we looked at - lots of people who don't read blogs regularly don't know to click on the name for information about the author.

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