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July 25, 2006


We need more Josephs in our world. However, perhaps his judge of character requires a tadge more work!

What a bitch for sending this email to everyone. Hopefully she'll be humiliated as badly -- or worse -- in the future.

All credit to the bloke for trying. As others have said, perhaps not the greatest judge of character, but good luck to him.

Hey Joe,
If she didn't understand where you were, keep trying and don't for one minute be put off by any negative remarks. Keep believing. Keep going forward. Keep an open mind and heart.
Good on you. She just wasn't worth it, or worth you.

I read about this in the digital newspaper I read at work, and I thought what this guy did was absolutelly accurate and I applause him, he followed his feelings and told someone what he felt, DESPITE what the "rational" self says. You know where that "rational" self comes from? From the idea of not being yourself, of not talking about feelings, because you'll look ridiculous in front of the whole world, so WATCH OUT! What's so wrong about showing your feelings in the first place? it actually takes a lot of courage, character, self decision, and diferentiating yourself from everyone else if necessary, which is something none of you poor and jealous people have. Let him be, as well as the rst of people who refuse to read the life book "how to be what I should be and not what I am", and keep on living making jokes out of people like him, that you'll have a great life and experiences.. duh.

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