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July 25, 2006


It is cheesy, but it could have been sooooo much worse.

And they say romance is dead. Hats off to him I say. Nutter granted, but at least he's an honest nutter.

The trouble with all those people, all those unfeeling mortals who find it necesssary to scoff at what Joe has written is that they are incapable of feeling such depth themselves. Jealousy perhaps, or maybe even fear at confronting their own emotions-it seems to be endemic in this day and age. What the hell was wrong with the email in the first place? Are we that hardened by the current era? Good on you Joe, it's simply great to see that there are people still left in the world eloquent and feeling enough to bother writing something like this. Your critics are merely living half-lives, drone-like and subservient to the media whether that be the newspapers or TV. All power to you Joe-at least you are alive in side, unlike so many people I have come across. How nice to be alive instead of emotionally comatose. Keep up the good work. There are many who admire you out here!

I read about this in the Guardian and was intrigued to find out what the fuss was about so i googled it and found this site. What the hell is the fuss about? Okay, so the guy is a bit of a romantic and has sent a girl a very fruity wordy romantic email. So bloody what? It's the girl I feel sorry for. She's obvioulsy so hardened by modern 21st century coldness and oblivious to being wooed by a decent bloke that she had to send it on to freinds to see what they thought. I say good luck to you Joe. Maybe not the kind email you should send after JUST meeting a girl....more like after a coupole fo dates when you know she's interested in you, but apart from that he's just being honest.
I find it really sad how people today think that this is some kind of grounds for derision and humiliation. They are truely the sad ones....not Joe.

I quite agree with the above comments. What's the big deal? I am quite proud of being a hopeless romantic myself. It might not work but why should I give in and change if that would lead me to be any less successful.

Boycott the media I say. Damn Big Brother.

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