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July 19, 2006


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» Five Alive update: social media favourites from Teblog
Drew B reports on twenty people's favourite social media tools. Technorati and Wordpress are head and shoulders above the rest. With luck, my rankings will have appeared in the post's comments by the time you read this.(Like a twit, I [Read More]

» My top five social media tools from hirnrinde.de - was in unseren Köpfen herumspukt...
Nachdem Patrick (Breitenbach) mir ber www.werbeblogger.de mein erstes Blog-Stckchen zugeworfen hat, werde ich es brav aufheben und meine Top 5 der social media tools auflisten. hnlich wie Bjrn unter www.formsache-b... [Read More]


Useful summary and overview, thanks. Don't forget Kami Huyse's list too.

And the winners are:

8 Wordpress
7 (Technorati mentions)
6 Technorati
4 CrispyNews
4 Del.icio.us
4 Flickr
4 (Google mentions)
3 Bloglines
3 NetNewsWire
3 NetVibes
3 Newsgator
3 Qumana
3 YouTube
2 FeedDemon
2 Firefox
2 Google Blog Search
2 MarsEdit
2 MySpace
2 Skype
3 Statcounter
2 Typepad

Hi Drew,
Thanks for the mention. One thing I noticed - your links to JP Rangaswami and Neville Hobson are wrong - they've inherited from Tebbo above them. Cheers!

Thanks for the comment David. the links i used for JP and Neville point to where they listed their responses to the meme - which was in the comments section of Tebbo's blog. I thought that might work better for this.

Apologies Drew... I didn't follow the link and read properly. I tagged JP as well, but Tebbo beat me to the punch!

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