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July 04, 2006


Fiona, I'm going by the link that Drew posted - there's no standfirst there. Reading his article, it bares no relation to that standfirst, which isn't surprising given that it will have been written as a teaser by an enterprising sub and not by Colin.

I'm sorry, but I still thing that Drew's post is knee-jerk. It's putting words into Colin's mouth, it's making assumptions about his position, and it's creating a straw man. That's all the classic signs of someone wanting to say something, and pinning it on something someone else has said.

Sorry Drew - I'm not really blaming you. But blogging as a medium often shapes messages into this kind of form. Which is precisely why we need better blogging.

Colin has a great sense of humour. Today, he writes:
Blogging is simply a form of vanity publishing. No wonder most content is instantly forgettable. And does that which survive really have a beneficial impact on society, on political discourse, giving a voice to those who genuinely can’t be heard as some proponents claim.....

archy it i, and i like you!

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