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June 12, 2006


Let's set up a UK Digg-type service for marcomms/PR. That'd be the lowest maintainance way of sharing the best info, links etc.

Perhaps it's not surprising that an editor of a trade magazine should assume that to be good a blog must be like a print publication.

To me, blogs are good just because they're authentic and amateur. Clearly, some good blogs do become good publications; but others will continue just because the author finds a motivation to keep them going. We need more PR blogs - not one or two 'better' PR blogs. More voices, not fewer.

I don't know if you'd call it a PR blog or a tech blog or what, but here at Prompt Communications we're slowly getting together our corporate blog. It's written by the various former tech-writers who work on staff here, with occasional input from the PR bunnies.

Thanks for the link, Drew. i think you are right to point out that what Danny said is perhaps technically true.

But I also agree with Richard bailey in that the 'big agency blogs' or corporate blogs are not necessarily the best ones.

Stuart Bruce posted recently about how he reads some minor blogs because they are ones that really have something to say. The risk is, of course, that with big agency blogs all you're going to get is PR Week in blog format... and who would want that!

If the dead tree person has a problem lets help him. I propose that PRW puts up stories onto its wiki, allowed us all to listen to the journalist interviews as podcasts gives public access for comment and then published the result in dead tree format.

Anyone else got a scheme?

Lets comment on his blog.

Oh... hasn't got one.....

Perhaps he's not 'got it' yet.

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