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May 11, 2006


You'll be bigger than Sir Alan!

The MySpace phenomenon is interesting as I thought that it was pretty much over and left to a million and one small stream bands to promote themselves.

I think that a lot of companies will unfortunately see MySpace as a way of getting instant access to the youth market, when they may find that a lot of the youth left when the grown ups took over. As is often the case when something was once cool.

In the article I suggested some of the candidates for the 'next MySpace'. Facebook and Second Life were my tips. What do you reckon?

I think that it is hard to say what the next thing will be - and the MySpace revolution is far from over, but - much like say... the iPod - everyone has one now and so it loses some of it's special connotations.

Facebook has been tipped for future success, but from what I can see it is very similar to MySpace, Bebo and Ringo which were all doing the rounds last year.

Second Life, from my point of view is very interesting and feels like more of a progression.

But like I say it will be tough to pick out the 'next MySpace' as people will just take the aspects that they enjoy about MySpace.

Second Life must be the next big thing as I don't get it!

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