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April 26, 2006


Hi Drew,

I am not surprised at all when you look at the kind of people that are BBC alumni like Tom Coates (now at Yahoo :-)) or Ben Metcalfe who is in charge of BBC Backstage or the way news gathering at the BBC was affected by citizen journalism of mobile videos and pictures of the Tsunami in Thailand and the July 7 tube bombings.

In addition, the BBC has always had a record of innovation from championing multicasting and P2P networks ahead of other media properties to the Radiophonic Workshop of the 1970s.

The media landscape is changing and because of the Beebs charter it is able to change with it faster than many of its contemporaries in the private sector.

Best regards your online friend


Hi RC. You're right - the BBC has the talent and the resources to be doing this. And I was going to reference Tom, but as he left I didn't want to assume he'd had a hand in this :-)

There is a much deeper agenda here. The BBC has been told to get its act together to survive and grow in a world where its license fee is under threat.

The BBC has probably the richest source of media assets anywhere on the planet. Anyone want to put a price on it? Try this - Time Warner is worth $78 billion - what say you for the BBC? $200 billion? It already syndicates large chunks of its drama series material to a number of Sky channels. There is every reason to think that government could create an environment that fully commercialises the BBC without necessarily becoming another ads based channel.

If that happens then what odds am I offered for a marriage between the BBC and the Guardian?

That's why this is such a big deal.

I don't understand this comment Dennis. Why should this lead to the privatisation of the BBC?

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