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February 22, 2006


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Pity they selected Blogger...cheapskates

Heh heh - outted! The blog in question was set up, live, during one of a series of training sessions to show staff not familiar with blogs how easy it is to get started, and how to add posts and links and so on. It was never intended to stay online. In many ways this has contributed to the training by showing the power of blogs as a communications channel! By all means check out http://blog.bitepr.com/ and next time we'll make sure we run these sessions on an internal blog! Keep up the good work!

It appears to have been deleted

Wow how quick was that! Anyone actually see it other than Dennis and myself?!

Well I certainly saw it Drew and I'll confess I much prefer our 'proper' blog! Have enjoyed reading your blog for some time now and will ensure we get a link on Bitemarks to it...

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