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January 10, 2006


I think it was was launched in November 05:

They also have another blog, launched in January 2005:

Finally, the Rainier PR Breakfast Bulletin has a new address:

We've been blogging for yonks for both ourselves and clients. The daily Bulletin of headlines and comments is at www.rainierpr.co.uk/bulletin, and our opinion blog is at www.rainierpr.co.uk/blog. We've just moved all our blogs across to Typepad as Blogger has fallen over on us a couple of times recently. Thanks for your support.

Be very careful with this one Drew - myself and others are highly critical of the way they're going about this. I certainly would not wish to be associated with it in its current form.

So I see Dennis! Rainier's getting a bit of a pasting in the PR blogosphere.

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