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December 28, 2005



Try clearing your temp folder and reinstalling the ipod updater. This will take you back to the perma greenlight stage at which point follow the original posting...

i have that same problem!!..but i reinstalled windows xp, cleaned the registry and started anew...and when i pop in the installation cd i get the same problem!!!
plz i need help anybody!
...o.s: windows xp proffesional sp2
2.69 ghz
512 mb ram

I got a ipod shuffle from a friend and she told me that if I got it to work I could have it and the green light is stuck on at all times and it doesn't play music and I don't have the software to restore it...what do I do?

Thanx for the info
I got a shuffle about 1 week ago and the same thing straight from the box that green light was on and never went off also no sound, nothing but that green light.
I done exactly what was sugested above and BINGO a working ipod

paul ellis
read the advice above and you should get it working.
The first thing i done was restored the factory settings
and then updated the soft.
So far i have given the advice above to at least 6 friends with the same prob and now they all have working ipods.

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