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December 28, 2005


Very useful to know - we have a Shuffle in the house that's playing up and needs some refreshment.

Why Shuffles are great:

hey! this is EXACTLY what's happened to my iPod shuffle! Someone notify iPod, dammit! It's not good enough! I just went to Noel Leemings today and returned the stupid thing. I didn't see this post or my replies on geekzone ( http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?forumid=38&topicid=6104 ), and I wish I had because I would have been keen to try fix it. Although I did have other problems that you haven't raised, so maybe mine is actually broken.
Anyway, thanks!

hi,my ipod shuffle has an problem,when i putit on,the green light stays on,even if i press play,i did the sofware thing for ipod shuffle in this site but it isn`t working,+ i can see the songs on the computer but it won`t just play+ my earphones are working/

Thank you so much! I just got it to work in time for my big spring break trip to florida! i have been SOOOO frustrated with it! thank you- worked great! thank you so much again...i am lost without music! :)

Bought one for my wife. Tried every piece of advice listed above at least twice. Tried headphones in my (real) iPod and they're fine... finally whipped it out of the USB slot in frustration and the thing came apart at the seams. It will now meet the hammer of death - for $69, at least I'll have some satisfaction. Apple blows for support.

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