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May 04, 2005


Eh?! Not only is that a little creepy and wierd, but I'm not Alan Sugar?!

I am writing in conjunction with what i want to do.This is the only way i can possibly get in contact with sir Allen.What i need is a sponsor in what i want to do although i am not good enough to be sponcered,but i would need practice in my snowboarding to attract other sponcers.This may seem like a odd way to present myself,but unfortunitly i do not have the finances or the time to practice.Would you please refer this to sir Allen,and could you please give me a come back on this .Thank you for your time and patiance.

Dear Sir,
I would like to spend 1 Hour with yourself,to pick your brain to build my business.Being disable with a spinal injury it is hard tofind anyone who will help.
I get told why do you want to work stay on benifits.

Sir Alan,
Having watched your latest series of The Apprentice and enjoyed every minute, would you ever consider doing a series for a slightly younger age groups; for example the 16-21 age group. I personally would love to put myself forward for such an oppertunity and I also believe that there are many others who would also leap at such an oppertunity. I would greatly appreciate it if this could be considered and I doubt that it would be me alone who would be very greatful. Many thanks for your time

hi Sir Alan Sugar, my name is oliver pensulo and i am a 19 year old male at college. my dream is to set up my business company, a clothing line for a more modern youthful culture.i do realise that you get loads of mail asking for financial help, i am only asking for your experties on how to set up an effective business and starting with the right foot.thank you for your time

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