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November 04, 2004


Ive stayed at The Station Hotel in Jan/Feb 06 during a Paranormal Investigation which proved nothing really but I did experience the lovely maid, she appears has a white mist in room 214 opposite the mirror on the wall. Try standing there alone (without any persons there) and you'll see what I mean.

God bless and Good Luck xx

The cellar holds a secret past, a past that myself and a friend have picked up during a tour in there, we picked up murder, a women involved and we both have an psychic gift and was able to pick it up.

There was a murder taken place there involving 2 men and a women, this has also been picked up by my Psychic friend who emailed me about The Station Hotel. Accordingly a male, middle aged was murdered by stranglation and slitting of the throat, the room was largem pitch black but was had an opening to the cellar, a women in a long, white dress witnessed the event but wondered off on the upperlevels, she was frightened but pretended to know nothing of the murder.

All the best to those investigating the cellar and upper levels of the hotel

The worst night of my life it's a horrible hotel don't stay there it's so haunted, i stayed in room 111 the executive room and i could'nt sleep till 4.30 it was very, very starnge.

its my first wedding anniversary on friday 13th july 2007. this will be my first visit to the hotel and we are staying in a wedding room. we are hoping for some activity of the supernatural kind! We will let you know how our experience goes.

my name is gareth morgan wen i was 18 i was moved from kidderminster to station hotel in dudley via witness support,i stayed there for 8 months i stayed in room 303,i dnt think i once ever had a gd nite sleep noises all the time and i felt like i was consantly bein watched it was scary

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