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November 04, 2004


I stayed at the Station hotel in Dudley, nov 13 2004, and was actually in room 214, I knew of the most haunted visit, but never once realised it was the room I and my friend Sam were allocated. I remember waking up sweating, I was so hot, I had to open the window and sit in the above mentioned chair, I have never felt so hot, ever. Had I known 214 was the haunted room, I don't think I would have slept at all.

im going to stay at station hotel i live only 5 mins away and im going to try and stay in room 214 wish me luck

i stayed in room 214 a year ago, and next friday i am staying there again, but i am staying in 217 the other haunted room. when we stayed there it was very freeky, we left the camera recording when we went to the meal and medium night, and when we looked back at it there were about 3 orbs and what sounded like a cat meowing, and we got loads of pics of orbs by the chair, it was a very freeky night and i hope 217 is bettter.

I'm going on a ghost hunt tomorrow night at the Station Hotel with Eerie Evenings. I'm soooooo looking forward to it, we're doing one of the vigils in room 214 so I can't wait to see if anything happens!

We spend a lot of time here holding our paranormal team meeting ups etc. When we stayed in rooms 214 & 217 in early Jan 06 we experienced lots of activity. Namely, a 'female' walking up and down outside room 217 but she wouldn't enter the room. We took the bedside table outside to continue contact with her but she became angry with us and the glass shot off the table and ended up halfway up the corridor. This building is so active. Brilliant place!!!

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