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November 26, 2004


why is it that these threads always spiral out of control i really wish that just once the types of people that quibble and bicker about the politics behind the issue would just settle back and see the golden points that would normally shine through.whatim saying is that in this thread we have been blessed with the knowlege of such realities as the penny test,the unequaled cleaning power of cillit bang (i love the bang bit it just knocks grime on the head...BANG)and finally the size of the bottle,yes its a little more but its no economy size bottle eh .come on people more focused points on this true and ever showing liquid of cleaning radiance lets get this working guys

Well dom, (or should i say "barrie"), your devotion to your product, although mis-guided is impressive, and i am not ignorant to the scurge of shabby unwashed coinage sweeping our country,
I hear the only reason the pound is weaker than the euro is that they have understood the wonderful benefits of cillit bang for a far longer period, and the european community, quite rightly, do not relish swapping their nice shiney clean european money, for out poor grubby little unwashed english tuppences, and this is having a knock on derogitary effect on international trade.
Your advertising this product in the uk as a house hold cleaner, as well as the effective money cleaning compound it was designed to be has set the perfect stage for you to pre-corner a coin cleaning market that, that does not yet exist in the uk, when the uk public become fully aware of the "dirty coin" crisis, your avenue for profeteering will be immense, along with the opportunity to enter british politics, as "the man that cleaned up britains money", and you will no dought at this point consider running for prime minister, and from their only you could say,
in view of your obvious impending influence and power, i choose my words very carefully, when i inform you that you
are a tosser,.of the highest order of tossers, and your product name is quite rediculous.

Cillit Bang, tastes better then Meths and makes a wonderfull addition to dinner parties.

Just make sure you are already lying on the floor with no sharp objects around before you drink from the bottle, if you even have the time why not empty your penny jar, that way you can wash your pennys while you vommit.

i belive this is a pre-curser to barries latest product role out for, "Gullet Bang"
dual action

Cillit Bang is a waste of money, youre better off drinking ethernol or if you really must insist on cleaning money why not use happy shopper cola?

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