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November 26, 2004


Cillit Bang is great,
I'm gong to get some for Jim, Dom, and Stu but not Dave cos he Smells.

Worthing Attack


Just bought some from Somerfield in Torquay, it's quite pricey (£2.95) but the bottle is massive - it towers over the other household cleaning products!

Hi i love cillit bang also, it not only cleans my household items and 2 penny coins, but makes a tastey after dinner drink, cheers barrie.

anthony smells

i would like to respond to dave with a bitter stance,as cillit bang is the only cleaning product to transforn "an old penny"into a penny that is"good as new" with just a dip into this remarkable blend of carcenagens and solvent compounds,i can only say that i poo poo youre mocking tone and youre blatent disregard for the seriousness of these forums.you sir have no grounds to be posting such vile and dis contribuitory drivel and i sugest that you leave such things to those of us who have a genuine intrest in relaying information on the latest and most innovitave household cleaning products. products such as cillit bang are a wonder and a pure wealth of spiritual guidance for those of us with a lack of friends and a need to clean work surfaces and renew tarnished coins upon this note sir i bid you good day.

I think dom is really barrie scott posing as a normal member of society, in order o instill civil un-rest among the other wise peace loving cleaning products community, i think this is terribly wrong, look barrie, we all know that you have the shineyest 2 penny coins in all the land,
But thats not enough for you and your city talk and your meglomanic cleaning products empire, no you need to go round trying to tread on the little man who, thanks to your price wars can only afford the happy shopper alternative "cillit wang".
please mend your ways barrie before its too late. come over to the light

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