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November 26, 2004


This stuff really does exist and is brilliant!

No need to go trudging round all the supermarkets, it is now available on ebay.co.uk - you have to get some!

Cillit Bang is apparently the latest product to be unleashed from the Reckitt Benckiser stable ... other products include Dettol, Finish, Airwick from Haze. I can't imagine the Advertising Standards Agency would allow something to be advertised that is not real! I've tried the Reckitt site but no clue of the new product ... we await with bated breath I suppose.

I am in love with Barry Scott.

i cant find this product anywhere still - although i found an empty shelf in tesco with cillit bang price tag...

AND i searched for cillit bang on ebay - no bottles of it, but someone is selling cillit bang t-shirts!!! madness

After reading that Cillit bang was available in Morrisons and Asda, I bought some from Morrisons Bristol, but they didn't have it in another branch which I was at today (cos I sold the bottle I bought in Bristol on ebay for a profit!)

And I haven't seen it in Asda yet. Looks like there isn't enough of it to go round!

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